Meet the revolutionary anywhere, anytime
Armore wearable arm exerciser

The revolutionary
Armore wearable
resistance arm exerciser

Blonde model with the Armore wearable arm exerciser on one arm.

Strengthens muscle, burns fat,
tones arms — anywhere, anytime!

The Armore wearable arm exerciser is a
resistance training exoskeleton that strengthens arm muscles, tones your arms, and helps you lose unwanted fat — all without traditional exercising, without a long-term commitment to a fitness center, and without expensive equipment.

It’s wearable, so it works for you anywhere, anytime.

Simply slip on the Armore™ wearable arm exerciser in the morning (yes, hidden under clothing, too, if you’re on your way to work), set the amount of resistance you want (up to 50 pounds per arm), and your workout begins immediately.

As you go about your day, the anatomically-correct and efficient Armore wearable arm exerciser…

Strengthens your entire arm including biceps, triceps, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bone

Burns away fat and tones your arms (even at low settings)

Enhances your performance as it builds strength and endurance

Stimulates repetitive muscle activity throughout the body

Strengthens connective tissue, bone, and muscle

Keeps your hands free to take care of your daily tasks

Helps you maintain your fitness regimen because your fitness regimen goes with you wherever you go

And much more!

White male wearing 2 Armore wearable arm exercisers.
Drawing of Armore wearable arm exerciser showing the various straps and parts, with labels.
Black model photographed from the rear, wearing Armore arm exerciser, flexing one arm.
Black model wearing 2 Armore arm exercisers, working out both arms at the same time.

Builds and enhances strength in muscles, cartilage and bone

Besides building muscle, the Armore™ wearable arm exerciser strengthens cartilage, tendons, and bones in the elbow region. Users have reported other health benefits, even when used continually at low-resistance settings.

Because the body naturally balances itself, muscle and tissue develop in the shoulders, chest, forearms, and wrists to compensate for the additional strength of the biceps/triceps.

By promoting repetitive muscle activity (an effect similar to chewing gum), you’ll want to be in motion continually. This results in additional exercise and gradual benefits without a conscious effort.


BONUS: One Armore exerciser is fine but TWO are even better!

Use it half the time on your left arm, half the time on your right arm.

Or, for better, faster results
You’ll be able to work both arms simultaneously.
It saves you time and makes sure you’re giving each arm equal time.

Why you should buy 2: In our early testing, some users wore only one exerciser. They told us this caused them to use the other arm without the exerciser simply because there was less resistance from that arm. When they wore two exercisers simultaneously, they found it a more balanced experience and workout.

Order the revolutionary
Armore wearable arm exerciser today!

Each Armore excerciser comes with its own nylon bag for storage and transport.

Two strap sizes included to ensure proper fit: Each Armore™ Wearable Arm Exerciser order includes Regular Size straps for wrists 5-1/2 to 7-1/2 inches, upper arms 9 to 16-1/2 inches PLUS easy-to-install Extra Large straps for wrists up to 8 to 10 inches, upper arms up to 17 to 19 inches (measure upper arms above the bicep).

Storage Pouch: Each Armore™ Wearable Arm Exerciser also includes a handy nylon carry/storage pouch plus instructions to get you started on your way to building muscle right away.

Installation: Click here for installation instructions.

Shipping: Standard 2-4 day USPS shipping in the U.S. Need it faster? Tell us at checkout.

Storage pouch included free with each exerciser

Armore wearable arm exerciser.

Buy 1 for only $59.50

Buy 2 for only $89.00

Normally $119.00 • Save $30.00

Each exerciser comes with Regular Size straps PLUS easy-to-install Extra Large straps.

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